natural foaming liquid soap

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Natural foaming liquid soap made with pure sunflower, coconut, and castor oils and enhanced with silk amino acids and essential oil - no detergents or sulfates!

8 oz packaged in a foamer dispensing bottle.


  • Peppermint - the perfect seasonal scent with peppermint essential oil!
  • Eucalyptus Pine - a fantastic woodsy scent of cedarwood, fir needle, eucalyptus, and lime essential oils
  • Lemongrass - the bright, aromatic scent of lemongrass essential oil
  • Rosemary Lavender - a classic and our most popular scent with lavender and rosemary essential oils
  • Rosemary Spearmint - a great, zesty scent with rosemary and spearmint essential oils
  • Tangerine - the sweet smell of juicy, ripe tangerine essential oil


    Note: Natural liquid soap may look a little different than the detergent based liquid soaps you are used to seeing. Natural liquid soap may have a thin white layer floating on top of the soap, or you may see a cloudy swirl at the top or bottom of the bottle. These are just unsaponified oils in the soap.

    Oils and butters used in soapmaking contain matter that can be saponified (turned into soap through the process) and unsaponifiable matter (oils that will stay as they are and not convert to soap). Since we use natural butters and oils instead if lab made controlled detergents, the amount of unsaponifiable matter in the oils can vary from batch to batch. We can't control nature, but we don't want to either. This is just nature's way of adding a little extra moisturizing oils to your liquid soap.



    distilled water, coconut oil, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, sea salt, sugar, sodium hydroxide, silk amino acids, citric acid, benzyl alcohol**, ethylhexylglycerin**, essential oil


    **- preservative ingredient

    The preservative we use in our liquid soaps is made from plant derived, GMO-free ingredients that comply with the criteria of COSMOS (including Ecocert) for natural products

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