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Natural hand sanitizer that evaporates quickly and is less drying than many conventional hand sanitizers! Scented with essential oils. This is a liquid hand sanitizer (not gel) - spray sanitizer on your hands and rub until dry. Available in 2 oz glass spray bottle perfect for home and the office or to keep in your purse or backpack. Available in lavender, peppermint, or tangerine.

Warning: For external use on skin only. Do not ingest. Allow product to dry before smelling hands. This is made with ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and does have a strong scent out of the bottle, but does not leave an alcohol scent behind after drying.


ethanol (80% v/v), glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, purified water USP, essential oil

how to use

Shake before using. Spray on hands, rub until dry.

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