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About Us

Orenda Soapworks started as a dream to produce all natural soaps and bath products and to be a positive force in our community, encouraging others to be themselves and recognizing the unique value they bring to the world. 

All of our products have been developed in-house and are our own signature recipes. You will not find these products from any other soapmaker because we do not use premade bases and do not use purchased recipes from other formulators. We use only quality ingredients in our soaps and bath products to provide your skin with natural goodness. If we wouldn't use it for our family, we won't sell it to you and your family. Our products are a reflection of our passion for our creations and are as unique and original as you are!

Our goal is to provide high quality, natural soaps and bath products that you can feel good about using on your body. You have your own unique personality and talents to offer the world and we want you to look as good on the outside as you are on the inside! You can be confident that you look and feel amazing while you are making the world a better place!

We also support programs that encourage and motivate people to embrace who they are and be confident in themselves, to have fun and enjoy life, and promote involvement and inclusiveness in our communities. 5% of our profits are donated to charitable programs that help others in meeting that vision.

We believe that everyone has the power within them to make the world a better place just by being themselves and sharing their awesomeness with those around them! That is also reflected in our name, our logo and our products.

Our business is named after the Iroquois word "orenda", which refers to a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to effect change in their own lives and to change the world in a positive loving way.

Our logo represents the ripple effect that we have in making a positive impact in the world. Just by sharing a kind word, encouraging others, and contributing to our communities, our influence can spread far beyond that initial contact.

Sunflower oil is the primary oil in our products. Sunflowers are known as "happy" flowers. Just by being themselves, sunflowers provide happiness to others, provide nourishment to people and wildlife in the form of sunflower seeds, and produce oil that is beneficial for cooking and skincare. 

We hope that you enjoy your time with us, whether that is on our website, on our Facebook or Instagram pages, in person at a local market, or enjoying the happiness you experience from using our products and knowing that your purchase also helped spread happiness and encouragement to others.