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Orenda Soapworks Partners with I Thought Of You

I am so excited to announce a new partnership with I Thought Of You! This is a woman-owned company selling sustainable and fair-trade products that are not only beautiful, but have beautiful stories behind them. All of the items offer sustainable income opportunities for people in developing countries by ensuring they are paid a fair wage for their time and talent, using only eco-friendly and sustainable materials, verifying that laborers are working in safe working conditions without the use of child labor, and maintaining a diverse team of artisans that celebrates gender and cultural equality.

In keeping with the mission of Orenda Soapworks, we will be offering selected items from the I Thought Of You collections for sale at our booth during markets and festivals and also online at the Orenda Soapworks website. Look and feel as awesome as you are using our natural, handmade soaps and bath and body products and also by wearing cool and unique handmade accessories that utilize materials from nature that you can feel good about wearing! Some examples of the products you may find offered on our website:
  • Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from naturally dyed seeds and orange peels, coffee beans, fique fibers, hand-dyed string art, stone, wood, bone or horn
  • Headwraps made from upcycled fabrics
  • Handwoven scarves
  • Multi-wear wraps hand-colored with natural dye
There is so much more offered by I Thought Of You as well! You can shop selected items at our event booth or on our website, or shop the entire collection at https://ithoughtofyou.com/kim

We currently have a few items listed on the Orenda Soapworks website that were included in our initial starter package from I Thought Of You, but these will expand and change over the next couple of weeks as we receive specific pieces that we have curated to fit with the Orenda Soapworks brand.

If you are interested in fair trade apparel and accessories, I would also encourage you to join our Facebook group - I Thought Of You: Fair Trade with Kim - at https://www.facebook.com/groups/440834296785298/ This group will be the ONLY place that we will announce special one-day sales that I Thought Of You is running on their items that are not available on the Orenda Soapworks website or that have extremely limited availability, as well as monthly giveaways for products. The Orenda Soapworks website and Facebook page will be limited to news about products we have in stock through our wholesale partnership with I Thought Of You and markets where we will be selling both product lines.


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